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Special Light All Road

The Special Light All Road is a great all rounder..

Maximising your potential

The Special Light All Road is a great all rounder. It gives good off road capability from its chunky 3" tyre but remains compact enough for indoor maneuvering. With it's light weight it is easily portable but when powered by a 48v battery it gives 1000w of power all in a package under 9kg. If you want to walk your dog round the woods or go the beach and then pop into a shop on the way home, this will do it all with ease!

If you like the idea of this bike but fancy some extra power, take a look at the Special Compact HT which can be ordered with an AllRoad tyre!

Key specifications:

Maximise your potenial
  • Power 48v 1000w
  • Weight 9.4kg
  • £4480

There’s a wide range of options to personalise your Triride including choice of colours, controls to suit disability and style of throttle to meet your requirements.

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