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Progeo Options


Each Progeo chair comes with a range of colour options, colour options for each chair are contained within the wheelchair description near the bottom, like this:


Anodising and hydro-dipping - available 
You can choose to have the wheel hub, wheel rims, sideguards footrest and backrest anodised or hydro-dipped. There are a wide range of options for hydro-dipping or chose one of the below colours: (Extra Cost)


This is unique within the UK and enables you to create a chair that truly reflects your personality. Please contact us for further details including the price, which varies by component.

Your chair comes with a black breathable air-mesh upholstery as standard. You can upgrade to the option of Progeo's own AIR Postural backrest system, with width and depth options to support a range of needs.

 Air backrest

We can offer a range of foam cushions with nylon or breathable covers. Additionally we can provide a full range of pressure cushions. Please contact us for further information and advice on the most suitable product for your requirements.

We offer a range of rigid back rests such as JAY or ADI or Progeo's own AIR system (see above). Jay or ADI are available in aluminium or carbon fibre. These can also be combined with lateral supports.



Choices include:

  • Tubular metal (comes as standard)
  • Carbon fibre plate
  • ABS plastic plate
  • Aluminium plate

You can choose from:

  • Composite Scissor
  • Aluminium Scissor
  • Push to lock

Castor wheels
There’s a choice of 3”, 4” or 5” inch castor wheels which are supplied in black or silver.

As standard your chair will be provided with 24” or 25” spoked wheels. You can choose to upgrade to any of the Spinergy range, all of which can be anodised in the range of colours listed. We can anodise the hubs and rims or even hydro-dip them to make them truly unique!


A range of options are available including:

  • Carbon
  • Carbon fibre (straight or fender style)

Sideguards can be hydro-dipped to make them truly unique! (Extra cost)


Push rims
We can offer Aluminium, Titanium, Natural Fit, and the Surge push rims.

Push handles
If you require push handles you can choose from removable, which also have height adjustment, or retractable. Both options are suitable for childrens’ and adults’ chairs.

If you wish to add anti-tips to your chair the options include single or double anti-tips. Both can be either fixed or removable, depending on your preferences.

Progeo Accessories

Contact us for more details of our options and our wide range of spares and accessories such as inner tubes, wheels, tyres, straps and rucksacks.

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